SOLD: 1955 Ferrari 250 Europa GT

The Ferrari 250 Europa GT was the first “250 GT” and was shown at the Paris Motor Show in 1954 (S/N 0357). In all, 34 examples were built over a year in a half period, ending in early 1956. The example you see here is one of the most storied of all Europa GT models, S/N 0373.

S/N 0373 carried PF body job number 13940 and was built on November 15, 1954. The original color was grey (Grigio MM 015702) exterior with the interior featuring burgundy/green plain cloth inserts (749) with burgundy Connolly leather trim (VM 3195).

It was then delivered to Jacqes Swaters at Garage Francorchamps in Belgium on March 7, 1955. It was sold new by Garage Francorchamps to the famous Belgian tennis player, Philippe Washer, on March 30, 1955.

In 1956, it competed and finished 3rd in the 1956 Liege-Rome-Liege rally wearing car number 60. It was driven by the legendary Olivier Gendebien (co-driven by Pierre Stasse). Gendebien was the cousin of the car’s owner (Washer). The Ferrari was fitted with metal stone guards and rally lights for this event (and fitted to the car presently).

The Europa GT was then sold to Olivier Gendebien by Garage Francorchamps. It was then sold on to another Belgian by Garage Francorchamps, Mr. Wolters. The next owner was based in Belgium as well, a Mr. Kinet.

0373 was then traded back to Garage Francorchamps where it then made its journey to America. 

The Europa GT was then sold by an M. Stanley out of Northern California to Joe Moch in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1993, where it underwent an extensive build/restoration (by Terry Myr in Smiths Creek, Michigan and Kleeves Company in Kimball, Michigan) for vintage racing and rally events. For the project, Ferrari 250 GTE S/N 3593 was purchased and the engine and differential were installed into 0373. A Ferrari 412 5-speed gearbox was also sourced and installed in 0373 as well. The 3.0-liter V-12 engine was modified with SEFAC-type cylinder heads, a six-carb setup, and other extensive upgrades. It produces 300 horsepower and weighs 3020 pounds with a full tank of fuel. The car was finished in 1996.

In April 1997, Joe Moch entered the Europa GT in the Tour de France. 0373 also raced in the Monterey Historic Races in 1997. Between events, the car was always maintained by Terry Myr and detailed/polished by Kleeves Company.

In December of 1998, Joe Moch sold the Europa GT to Brian DeVries in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 0373 was then sent to Terry Myr and Kleeves Company in preparation for the 1999 competition season. It was also fitted with the metal stone guards and rally lights as the car was setup with for the 1956 Liege-Rome-Liege.

The Europa GT was then shipped to Europe for the 1999 season and once again lived at Garage Francorchamps in Belgium under the watchful eye of the late Jacques Swaters. It competed in Spa Ferrari Days in May of 1999. Garage Francorchamps then serviced the Ferrari before it was trucked to Italy for the Mille Miglia Storica (Driven by Brian DeVries, co-driven by Joe Moch). Then serviced again by Garage Francorchamps, it was entered in the 1999 Liege-Rome-Liege rally (driven by Brian DeVries,co-driven by his daughter, Rachel DeVries). It was the poster car for that year’s Liege-Rome-Liege event due to its 3rd place finish in the 1956 event. The Ferrari was then sent back to Garage Francorchamps where it was serviced before being transported back to Grand Rapids, Michigan in late summer of 1999.

The Ferrari was then fully rally prepped by Terry Myr and Jade Pig Racing for the LaCarrera Panamercana in October of 1999 (driven by DeVries, co-driven by Marc Noordeloos). It finished 1st in the Original PanAm class.

After the 1999 LaCarrera event, it was determined that the original Dunlop brakes and Borranni wire wheels were not up to the topography and rough roads of Mexico. Records were found that a Ferrari 340 was entered by a Jack McAfee in the original LaCarrera Panamericana in the 1950s and featured Halibrand alloy wheels. John Hajduk at Motorkraft Limited was contacted and 0373 was fitted with period-correct Halibrand wheels as well as a modern brake upgrade (all original parts were kept and are included with the car).

0373 was then fully rally prepped in late summer of 2000 by Jade Pig Racing and once again entered in the LaCarrera Panamericana by DeVries/Noordeloos. It again finished 1st in class and the brake and wheel upgrades allowed it to post much further up the overall standings.

The Europa GT was then kept by Brian DeVries but used only for occasional drives around Michigan. It has been regularly serviced by Jade Pig Racing including a new Fuel Safe fuel bladder in January of 2007. It also just had a full service performed in March of 2011.

Ferrari 250 Europa GT S/N 0373 offers a rare opportunity to purchase a storied, low-serial number Ferrari with many upgrades to make the car more enjoyable and reliable for events like the LaCarrera Panamericana or other historic events. Additionally, many original spares are included with the car. A full list is available upon request.

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