SOLD: 1999 BMW M3

1999 BMW M3 Coupe (E36), Titanium Silver Metallic, only 36,667 miles, Drivers Education (DE)/track/road car, 5-speed manual, Suspension upgrades, Big brake upgrade, Dinan chip, New OZ light-weight wheels, 1/2 roll cage, Recaro seats, 6-point harnesses, Built as a track day car, No competition driving/racing. Excellent maintenance/care. 


This 1999 BMW M3 Coupe (E36) was first sold at John Roberts BMW in Dallas, Texas, July 31, 1999.  In December 2004 after 11,457 miles, it was sold to the second owner in Kansas City where it accumulated another 19,000 miles.  In February of 2007, owner number three (the present owner) purchased this M3 from Alandon Automotive in Kansas City, Kansas in order to build a track day/drivers education (DE) car.  At the time of purchase, the M3 had 32,645 road miles on it and was in excellent condition.  4,000 miles have been added since, the majority of them being road miles.  

This M3 is owned by a mature car collector and Spec Miata competitor.  It has been his personal DE car used to understand vehicle dynamics and to practice controlled, safe driving in a non-competitive environment.  The car has had many upgrades and parts added to it during the last three years.  They have all been carefully thought out additions that make sense as a package, enhancing the driving experience and performance of the car.  All engine/drivetrain additions have been bolt on only and of the highest quality/manufacturer reputation.  

The end result is a well-sorted, fun to drive M3 that has had all of the right upgrades with little regard to cost.  It handles, runs, and drives beautifully on the road and the track.  This is not a pieced together tuner car—it is the result of a researched and mature approach to handling and performance.  

The M3 is in excellent condition.  It has been properly maintained without regard to expense.  The interior is in very good as well, and matches the mileage of the car in terms of wear (the factory seats are no longer with the car).  The exterior has been maintained to a high standard and shows well with shiny paint, very good rubber/plastic trim, and only a couple of minor stone chips. 


Dinan parts:
-Cold air intake
-Stage II E36 fuel upgrade w/ twin fuel pumps
-Stage III ECU upgrade 
-Strut tower brace 
-Rear brace
-Front and rear sway bars: 27mm and 22mm respectively
-Exhaust system

Engine bolt-on upgrades: 
-Aluminum thermostat housing and upgraded thermostat
-90mm mass airflow conversion
-Euro oil Cooler and new oil lines
-Water pump 

-Stop Tech big brake kit (front) with calipers, rotors, and stainless brake lines
-Ground Control Coil Over suspension upgrade: E36 single-adjustable Koni Race shocks
-Ground Control bump stops and adjustable camber plates
-Sway bars (see: Dinan Parts, above)

-Auto Power bolt in roll bar (1/2 cage) w/ cross brace
-Recaro Pro Racer Hans XL Seats (driver and passenger)
-Schroth Quick Fit Pro 6-point harness system (driver and passenger)
-UUC short shifter (done this year)
-Fire extinguisher

-Carbon fiber wing
-OZ wheels, 17-inch (2 sets)
-Toyo Proxes R888 tires (2 sets)
-Tow hooks, front and rear
-Aluminum under tray


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